Breast Cancer Academic Studies (Meme Kanseri Akademik Çalışmaları)

  1. Relationships between Social Support and Social Image Concerns in Turkish Women with Breast Cancer
  2. The Risk Estimation And Application Frequency Of The Early Diagnosis Methods For Breast Cancer In Eskisehir
  3. Knowledge of women on early diagnosis methods and risk factors for breast cancer in a province of Western Turkey: A descriptive study
  4. Educational Study to Increase Breast Cancer Knowledge Level and Scanning Participation among Women Working at a University
  5. Evaluation of Illness Perception of Women with Breast Cancer in Turkey
  6. The Effect of Light on Quality of Sleep and Life in Breast Cancer Patients
  7. Sleep Quality İn Breast Cancer Receiving Radiotherapy
  8. Illness perception and factors affecting the illness perception in patients with breast cancer
  9. Application of Primary Measures in Breast Health Assessment in Women aged 15-49
  10. The Evaluation of Self – Breast Examination Behavior in Women Given Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  11. Determination of Knowledge Level of Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Early Diagnosis Methods of Women 20 Years and Over in Eskişehir
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